The web entrepreneur reveals the lessons he learned from Google, the difficulties of expanding a startup, and why the location-based service is about more than points-scoring and mayorships.

This article titled “Dennis Crowley: Don't think of Foursquare as a game” was written by Josh Halliday, for The Guardian on Monday 4th April 2011 06.00 UTC

Dennis Crowley was never meant to be a down-table Google engineer. Faced with the prospect of being one of the internet giant's forgotten would-be entrepreneurs, Crowley bounded out of its Mountain View HQ in May 2007. The man dubbed “the new king of social media” has never looked back.

For someone on the verge of disrupting major established industries, Crowley has an easy demeanour. He bounces across the room and answers questions in rapid-fire fashion. His all-American grin and oversized baseball cap make him look younger than 34. The low-hanging jeans and mid-length hair, he says, are a relic from a past life: “I used to snowboard 30 days a year. Now it's down to eight.”

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