Digital Hybrids Save Bookbinding Craft From Extinction

Digital Hybrids Save Bookbinding Craft From Extinction
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Handmade iPad cases evoke the bound journals of yore while preserving a centuries-old craft.

Stephen Fortune
  • 8 april 2011

The real impact of the iPad on the publishing industry has yet to be determined. And for all the hand wringing about the twilight of the printed book that accompanies any speculation in that regard, it’s worth remembering the interesting analog-digital hybrids that can emerge from a new medium encroaching on the book’s territory.

One such instance is the Dodo Case. DodoCase is a local manufacturing startup based in San Francisco which keeps the art of bookbinding alive by adapting its craft and methods to iPad covers. The NY Times reports that Dodo Case has been successful in driving business to a bookbinder that had been reduced to a staff of one but now employs 10 full-time


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