DIY Physical Computing Arrives Via Scrapbook [Video]

DIY Physical Computing Arrives Via Scrapbook [Video]
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We live in a networked world full of sensors - can these books help us teach children the importance of true interactivity?

Stephen Fortune
  • 11 april 2011

The growth of maker culture and amateur interest in physical computing platforms like arduino has meant that an increasing range of human experience has found itself wired up.

The latest area to get the ubiquitous computing experience is the humble scrapbook. Natalie Freed, Jie Qi, and Adam Setapen have created a pair of “Telescrapbooks” that let their users create a patchwork of pages and sensors which make the books interactive in an amateur electronic fashion.

” It’s a pair of semi-normal looking scrapbooks to which users can add sensor and actuator stickers when constructing pages. Manipulation of these stickers can then cause interesting things to happen in the corresponding pages of the other book. “

The book is clearly designed to appeal to children and it poses an interesting question about whether childhood play should incorporate ways for kids to make sense of the DIY digital culture which they will hopefully grow up in. The charming book plays to children’s inquisitive nature and provides a welcome tonic to digital devices that pack away their operations behind glossy interfaces


[via Make]

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