Dubai’s Wild Peeta: A Restaurant Powered By Social Media

Dubai’s Wild Peeta: A Restaurant Powered By Social Media

We interview one of Wild Peeta's founders to understand their unique business strategy.

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  • 11 april 2011

Dubai-based Wild Peeta has been in business since late 2009. Run by two brothers, Peyman and Mohamed Parham Al Awadi, they are a shawarma restaurant with a robust online strategy and a highly responsive, engaging delivery service. You can check them out on Twitter, Facebook, or check out their TEDxDubai talk. In article covering the opening of their first store, Gulf News reports:

“After struggling for years to persuade the city’s malls… they decided to make the company 70 per cent delivery-oriented. This meant heavy advertising would be required, and without the budget for that, they resorted to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.”

In this interview, Mohamed Al-Awadi answers our inquiries regarding Wild Peeta’s business strategy and restaurant trends in the Gulf:

Tell us about your background and the inspiration/strategy behind how you started Wild Peeta?

“We came up with Wild Peeta towards the end of the 90s. It was a goal for us, a form of stability during the ups and downs of our corporate lives and something to aspire to. My brother an I are ex-corporate guys with tremendous consumer goods experience. About 24 years combined. We learned a lot during that time, and it helped define our brand, Wild Peeta.”

Tell us about your tagline “The Evolution of a Shawarma.”

“What we wanted to do was make the Shawarma more relevant and evolve it so it appeals to a broader audience. Our Shawarmas are packed with 10 different fresh vegetables, use whole-wheat Peeta bread, and are flavored with your choice of 8 home-cooked sauces. We also serve the world’s first vegetarian Shawarma. In fact, all out vegetables are served to you within 3 days of it being harvested from regional farms. That’s how fresh they are.”

How have you garnered such a successful online following? Tell us about your process, foundations, and how you developed.

“”Share” is probably the most prolific word of our time and at the core of social media’s being. People are experiencing hyper learning curves and acquiring tremendous exposure through a simple three step process of Learn, Comment, and Pass-It-On. The result is something Wild Peeta calls Social Media Driven Development. It’s accelerated evolution and it’s allowing us to develop in leaps and gain insights that normally would have taken years to acquire. Its pushing all of us forward whether we are aware of it or not.

At Wild Peeta, we also do a lot of listening and searching and we participate in the sharing process with our community. When a free flow of sharing occurs, that’s when powerful ideas come to life and relationships are formed. The rest takes a whole lot of time like any real life human relationship.”

What does the future of food look like in the gulf region? What are some trends shaping people’s thinking about the food they eat.

“We will start to see powerful and unique food ideas coming out of the middle east. Particularly having to do with local, ethical or fusion concepts. Some will develop into franchises that will be exported across the world. We’ve met so many amazingly talented people who are working on bringing their concepts to life. Watch this space. They will blow you away.”

Thanks Peyman and Mohamed!

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