Dumping Subway Cars To Create Artificial Reefs [Pics]

Dumping Subway Cars To Create Artificial Reefs [Pics]
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Photographer Stephen Mallon captures the awesome sight of the MTA's popular program to dump old trains into the Atlantic to revitalize marine wildlife.

John Ryan
  • 18 april 2011

As w previously reported, the MTA has been donating subway cars to states along the Atlantic coast for use as artificial reefs. For the past few years, photographer Stephen Mallon has been hitching rides with the barges that carry stripped cars, 30-40 a load, and captured these awesome images of trains being dumped into the ocean.

The New York Times reported a few years ago that coastal Delaware, one of the MTA’s preeminent graveyards, has seen a 400-fold increase in the amount of marine food per square foot in the last seven years. The upshot is that the waters have become astonishingly popular among fishermen and have thusly turned into a marine equivalent of the wild, wild west, with theft and sabotage of fishing traps and pots on the upswing.To top it off, other states, seeing Delaware’s success, began competing for the MTA’s cars.

Stephen Mallon

Fast Company Design: “Subway Dump Reef Slideshow”


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