The company is collaborating with Ford to develop a fungus-based foam for use in creating bumpers, doors and dashboards.

Founded in 2007 in New York by Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre, Ecovative Design produces eco-friendly materials for use in organic packaging and insulation. They utilize fungal mycelium (the roots of mushrooms) as a resin to hold ‘agricultural byproducts’ together to create a rigid material, which has many uses.

Their largest client Steelcase, a workplace products company, is using their EcoCradle Biobased packaging in a bid to become more sustainable.

Now Ford Motor Company is interested in the environmentally-friendly possibilities, having already pioneered the use of soy oil in seat cushions and rubber parts. They are looking to collaborate on the development of a “fungus-based, biodegradable foam for automotive bumpers, side doors and dashboard.” Ford is hoping to replace around 30 pounds of the usually petroleum-based foam in each car with eco-friendly alternatives.

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