Ed Cotton: What Happens When We Are Film Directors Of Our Own Lives?


The increasing ability to easily capture high quality video brings up a number of interesting questions.

Ed Cotton, BSSP
  • 18 april 2011

Take a look at the clip below, it’s Arcade Fire playing Cochella and the thing that you are immediately struck by is just how many in the audience are using their mobiles to video the event.

This is nothing new, it’s been going on for years and The Beastie Boys even used their crowd sourced content to create a video.

However, there’s something going on here that might be a little more significant than first appears.

When this technology improves, which it clearly is already, Flip is shutting down- Cisco seemingly given up the fight and realizing video technology is just going to end up in our mobile phones. The quality of this stuff is just going to get better and better and the tools to edit, share, process, etc are going to get better too.

We will end up being film directors of our own lives- it’s not too hard to imagine future applications having certain film director filters or Director of Photography filters. It’s going to be very easy to get very good stuff.

There are going to be obvious moments that we want to capture like concerts and special life events, but it’s not impossible to think that we could have “always on” cameras that pick up everything that happens in our lives and records it to the giant hard drive in the cloud.

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Ed Cotton is the Director of Strategy at BSSP, and is curious about all things relating to brands, marketing and culture. Read more at influx insights.

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