Encouraging Brand Participation Through Advertisement Tagging

Encouraging Brand Participation Through Advertisement Tagging

Tracking TV through dynamic smartphone applications opens new avenues for greater brand engagement.

Stephen Fortune
  • 25 april 2011

The future of digital television will hinge on how well the archetypal mass medium responds to it’s remediation by other platforms. All in one approaches have been suggested by GOAB but it is also likely that two screen mediation will develop in a bottom up manner.

The explosive growth of Foursquare has set many entrepreneurial minds on extending the the “check – in dynamics” to other realms, including television. One such example is the IntoNow iPhone app which uses an audio fingerprinting technology (alá Shazam) to recognize what viewers are watching at a particular time. In a display of this technologies potential, users can not only identify what shows they are watching but also alert friends via Facebook and Twitter.

The data harvesting prowess of the app is attested to by the amount of information gleaned to date:

“IntoNow has amassed a comprehensive database of five years’ worth of information on TV shows, or 150 million minutes of content, and is continuously collecting data on new shows as they air”.

IntoNow saw an opportunity to extend their platform into brand partnership following a suprising number of advertisements being tagged since their January launch:

“As part of its pact with Pepsi, the first 50,000 users who use IntoNow to tag an upcoming Major League Baseball-themed Pepsi MAX commercial will receive a coupon for a free 20-ounce Pepsi MAX at stores like Target and CVS.”


Ad Week: “Free Pepsi for Users Who Tag Their Ads With New App”

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