Gesture Controlled Installation Enables Light DJing

Gesture Controlled Installation Enables Light DJing

In Lima, Peru, a public installation gave one person the power to control 85 giant globes of light that could each display millions of colours.

Kyana Gordon
  • 1 april 2011

The London based Cinimod Studio created DJ Light, a large scale public interactive light installation in Lima, Peru as part of the Christmas celebrations for Endesa Energy.

Guest DJs were invited to stand on an elevated podium, where the movements of their arms would cause changes in the expansive landscape of light and sound. Each DJ’s gesture was captured through an infrared camera mounted above the podium, and translated via four interconnected modules into highly responsive sound effects and colored lighting across 85 inflatable globes, each capable of displaying millions of colors. Each of the globes contained custom LED lighting, designed and fabricated for maximum controllability and energy efficiency.

With over 400 channels of lighting controls and a multi-directional sound system, the technically advanced set-up enabled powerful interaction in the public realm as well as provided a playful and memorable engagement within a community. Watch the video below for a taste of DJ Light.

DJ Light (DJ Luz), Lima 2010 from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.

DJ Light

Cinimod Studio

[via We Heart]

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