Graphic Design Proposal Aims To Revive British Seaside Resort Town

Graphic Design Proposal Aims To Revive British Seaside Resort Town

Paper, paint and pattern are used creatively to lure vacationers back to a local resort town.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 19 april 2011

Recently Icon Magazine issued a challenge to UK-based Proud Creative to develop a branding program for the struggling seaside resort town Rhyl in Wales. A decades ago tourist destination Rhyl fell into decline with the advent of cheap flights which allowed British travelers to venture to warmer destinations for holiday. The design team at Proud saw an opportunity with re-branding Rhyl to respond to the ecological impact vacation travel via air caused. The new design needed to get people’s attention and create a strong modern identity which would unify the look of the town.

Proud drew some inspiration from nostalgia which can be seen in the new color palette. They aimed to convey the feeling of a festive atmosphere that is sunny, warm and optimistic. Secondary colors were chosen which relate to the local surroundings, the sky, sea and beach. A primary red color anchors the brand which also has connections to Welsh heritage. The design team created a modular rectangle shape which is derived from the angled orientation of the Rhyl coastline. The rectangle becomes a repeatable element forming a pattern which resembles waves, wind and a sense of festivity.

The entire program execution concept was limited to printed materials and paint applications on existing buildings and vehicles. Obvious consideration was given to providing a low-cost solution that could be scaled up over time.

[via Icon Magazine]

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