Social innovation company Sidekick Studios is harnessing business insights to benefit society.

With a passion to find new ways to solve for age-old problems, Adil Abrar started Sidekick Studios by “accident”. Our interview with him reveals that being innovative might have more to do with having a healthy approach to playful thinking, rather than being so calculating and planning-oriented.

Their recent endeavor is titled SS3, where they will support 3 entrepreneurs to develop 3 public service start-ups in 3 months.

How do you define social innovation?

I've got a pretty broad definition of social innovation. Essentially, it's about new ways to deliver some kind of benefit to society. Amnesty International was a social innovation when it was first conceived. Open University too, when it helped broaden access to university education. Ebay, in the sense that it has done more for small traders and micro-businesses than any number of government initiatives, is in my book of social innovation.

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