Our unthinking embrace of these giant data centers is throttling the giddy anti-authoritarian computing dream.

This article titled “Why hackers and spooks want our heads in the cloud” was written by John Harris, for The Guardian on Monday 25th April 2011 19.00 UTC

Imagine this. A notorious multinational is on the lookout for new business. For the sake of argument, let’s imagine it’s Lockheed Martin, the defence, security, and “advanced technology” corporation that has lately been seeing to the census. From somewhere in their R&D division comes an idea: “personal lifestyle security services” for millions across the planet. The wheeze is simple enough: sign up and hand them your personal correspondence, financial records, bank details, ID documents, and more. They’ll have all your stuff, and you’ll have a unique password whenever you want a look. And just think: more clutter shunted out of your life, leaving you to glide through the minimalist bliss of 21st century living.

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