How Increasing Access To Humble Technology Helps A Nation [Video]

How Increasing Access To Humble Technology Helps A Nation [Video]
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A new film chronicles how the transformative results of increased access to bicycles in Nicaragua

Stephen Fortune
  • 7 april 2011

A new feature length documentary charts the impact which the Pedal For Progress initiative has had in Nicaragua. Over 20,000 bikes have been brought to the country over the past 20 years, and this movie illustrates how interwoven the humble bike has become with Nicaraguan daily life. From the Bicycle City website:

“The Bicycle City is the story of how an idealistic experiment has helped the war-ravaged city of Rivas find its own path to recovery and normalcy through the introduction of cheap, reliable transportation in the form of the bicycle.”

David Schweidenback, founder of the Pedal For Progress initiative imparts the simple but incredibly effective logic behind the success of his initiative:

“The bicycle is such a success because it makes people’s life easier”

Bicycle City website

Pedal For Progress

[via Swiss Miss]

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