Imagined Developments Symbolize Revival in New Orleans [Pics]

Imagined Developments Symbolize Revival in New Orleans [Pics]
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Hypothetical Development Organization is dreaming up absurd uses of abandoned buildings to inspire urban renewal in New Orleans.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 7 april 2011

Through storytelling, the creators of the Hypothetical Development Organization are imagining hopeful, though fictitious, futures for decrepit buildings in New Orleans.

To start, the creators of the organization mapped out structures that have fallen into disuse all across the city. They then re-imagined these hidden gems as museums,  businesses, and other public institutions, instilling hope for revival, and suggesting an abstract concept to help inspire future built environments. Artists and illustrators render the ideas onto large real estate-style signs and attach them to their corresponding locations allowing passersby to marvel at and enjoy these fictitious developments.

Imagination is at the heart of the project. According to the creators:

Unlike a traditional, reality-based developer, however, our organization is not bound by rules relating to commercial potential, practical materials, or physics. In our view, plausibility is a creative dead end. That is to say: We are not trying to fool anybody.

We previously covered the project when its creators were seeking funding via Kickstarter. Now that they have gathered funds, the Hypothetical Development Organization is in full gear and a gallery featuring the work titled “Implausible Futures for Unpopular Places,” will open April 9th at Du Mois Gallery, in New Orleans.

The Hypothetical Development Organization

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