An app-based platform syncs multiple devices to capture multi-angle video.

Collabracam is an application that connects multiple iOS devices together for seamless multi-angle production of video. iOS devices with video-capture capacity can record multiple angles at the same time, and through Collabracam each stream is fed into a central panel on the device designated as ‘director.’

In addition to being an interesting development in the growing connectedness of screens, it also points to new creativity apps making everyone “instant editors.”  We see services like Instagram adding instant filters onto photos for better quality, as well as a suite of video apps that are doing the same for motion capture. The history of technology is in some ways a story of concern that these kinds of developments allow automation to take the true nature of art away from creative endeavors. However, we see the services like Collabracam automating the tedious processes formally done through tools that were once only available to a select few “professionals” – ultimately allowing for more people to direct resources towards doing the truly creative work and bringing it to the world.

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