Interactive Pirate Ship Bedroom [Pics]

Interactive Pirate Ship Bedroom [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Designer Steve Kuhl encourages fitness, fun and exploration with his imaginative creation.

Claudia Cukrov
  • 26 april 2011

Designer Steve Kuhl has custom built a unique pirate-inspired interior for a six year old boy featuring a number of ladders, a bridge, jail cell (complete with steel door), cannon port-peepholes, a crows nest lookout and what appears to be a floating pirate ship set up against the ceiling.

The Minnesota-based designer first toyed with the idea of a ‘space ship, race car, and castle’ before committing to the pirate design, stating; ‘What self-respecting six year old wouldn’t want a pirate ship?’

The wardrobe is accessible via a knotted rope behind the ‘helm’; a feature which incorporates ‘upper body workouts’ into the morning routine.  The deck-out also includes a hidden 55-foot spiral slide which offers the more adventurous a fun alternative to the adjacent staircase.

Kuhl Design Build

Steve Kuhl’s Flickr Page

[via DVice]

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