Interactor: An Interactive, Film Crowdsourcing Platform

Interactor: An Interactive, Film Crowdsourcing Platform

A new initiative gives audiences an integral role in the production of films.

Dylan Schenker
  • 18 april 2011

Twitch Film and Instinctive Film are teaming up to add another layer to the crowdsourcing trend already provided by Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. The platform will focus exclusively on film and will give audiences an opportunity not only a chance to fund films they like but to actually have more of a voice in which films get made in general. Likening themselves to a request engine, the funding will work in a way that films the audience wants to get to see will get made. Audiences will choose among three films to be produced annually, one of which will already be in production. Unlike other crowdsourcing sites, however, funders who give enough to certain projects will be able to qualify as Executive Producers and be able to participate in the production of the film at certain levels.

Twitch and Instinctive see the model as a way to both cultivate and engage audiences in new ways. Control over which films get made will strictly be up to audiences. With even just a 5 dollar donation audiences will have access to interactive aspects of the website such as video diaries, production updates and even direct communication with filmmakers. Unfettered access to production allows audiences to not only learn from the experience but to feel as if they are integral to a film’s completion.

Film as an experience has always been crowd-based and that notion is slowly entering into how films are made as well. By developing intimate connections with a pre-established audience, a film is more likely to be successful than a film marketed to the masses. Audiences are also more likely to return to films and filmmakers they are familiar with, especially if they feel as if they played an important role in its production.

Twitch Film

Instinctive Film

IndieWire: “Instinctive Film and Collaborate For “Interactor”


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