Corporate sponsorship used to be seen as detrimental to a band's credibility. Now it can be more attractive than signing to a major, as OK Go prove.

This article titled “Behind the music: Is it OK for bands to court brands?” was written by Helienne Lindvall, for on Friday 1st April 2011 09.07 UTC

On 20 April, manager Mike Rosenthal is coming to London’s MusicConnex conference – an event designed to help people develop a career in music – to teach a seminar on how to DIY, OK Go style. Like many people, I first came across the LA-based band on YouTube performing an amusing choreography in a garden to their track A Million Ways. Most people probably know them from their treadmill video to Here It Goes Again. These videos were made while they were signed to Capitol Records, but as they were a minor band on a major label they had to be creative with small promo budgets – nothing unusual there. As OK Go released their third album the band agreed to part ways with EMI. What happened next is the reason why their label manager is speaking at MusicConnex

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