Created as a visitor destination for an important prehistoric archeological site, the Jeongok Prehistory Museum looks like a partially buried spaceship.

You might mistake the above image for a 3D computer rendering of the yet to be built Jeongok Prehistory Museum. In fact these are photos of the newly completed building housing exhibition areas dedicated to telling the story of life in the paleolithic era. Located in the province of Gyeonggi-do, east of Seoul, the site has yielded much information about prehistoric humans following 11 archeological digs within the past 30 years.

Rather than play to historic symbolism X-Tu Architects based in France designed the museum and visitors center from a completely different perspective. Their design is an organically shaped chrome structure which hugs the surrounding landscape. Viewed from above, the flowing building draws inspiration from the network of rivers that used to exist on the site. The structure is covered with a pattern of perforations that mimic the skin texture of reptiles. While the museum is dynamically shaped, the chrome finish on the exterior reflects the surrounding landscape making the building almost disappear.

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