“LEGOfied” Code Helps Accelerate The Development Of Innovative Platforms

“LEGOfied” Code Helps Accelerate The Development Of Innovative Platforms

A "Delicious for code snippets" is an important manifestation in the development of shared resources.

Kyle Studstill
  • 22 april 2011

Flikode is something like a code repository for programmers, noted by The Next Web as a “Delicious for your code snippets.”

They explain below:

With Flikode, you can access your snippets from any computer with an Internet connection, any time. And like Delicious, you can browse snippets uploaded by others sorted by freshness, popularity and by tags, and follow the users whose code you find yourself reaching for regularly.

While most PSFK readers are unlikely to sign up for the service specifically, Flikode is an interesting manifestation to note in the important development of increasingly shared resources. An interesting and unexpected consequence of the use of Delicious was that more people in the creative world were exposed to innovative ideas in ways that they otherwise wouldn’t have – just ask anyone who turned to Delicious as a search engine over Google in cases where they needed to find more highly filtered inspiration.

In a related way, the sharing of code on Flikode means that more programmers can do less work writing the tedious code that takes time away from building truly innovative platforms. Just as open API’s represent important building blocks in the increasingly “LEGOfied” world of programming, basic chunks of code are now being quickly distributed among programmers to be more easily mashed into each other’s work.


The Next Web: “Flikode Is A Delicious For Your Code Snippets”

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