Life And Times: Jay-Z’s Editorial Play

Life And Times: Jay-Z’s Editorial Play

The multi-talented entrepreneur enters the online publishing realm, where he'll serve as editorial director and lead curator.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 5 april 2011

Rapper, designer and all-around businessman Jay-Z (via his company SC | Enterprises) is expanding his brand’s reach by launching a lifestyle site called Life And Times. While the site’s content – music, style, art & design and gadgetry, is not terribly differentiated from other publications, what Life And Times can claim and lead in building ‘intrigue’ with is Jay-Z as its editorial director and lead curator. He will work directly with a small staff to produce the site’s curated content.

The site’s tiled visual layout currently introduces readers to a relatively limited universe of videos, original interviews, photographs and content elaborating on designers, creators and artists. While we’ll have to wait and see how content grows over time, the unique differentiating feature of Life And Times is clear – Jay-Z’s vision and brand. The multi-talented entrepreneur certainly has had many successes – and a significant base of fans and admirers to his name. We can imagine that a relatively sizable audience will be interested in what is currently catching Jay-Z’s eye and mind.

Life And Times

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