Madrid Street Ad Takeover: Another Vision For Public Space

Madrid Street Ad Takeover: Another Vision For Public Space

The aim of this project is to change perspectives of public behavior and space in our shared environments.

Kyana Gordon
  • 6 april 2011

Determined to shift perspectives and expectations of public behavior in shared spaces, the PublicAdCampaign launched its most recent street ad takeover project, MaSAT (Madrid Street Advertising Takeover), and the third in its civil disobedience series. Around 106 messages from across the globe were created by artists, lawyers, teachers and gallery owners and included 3ttman, Wooster Collective, Bronco, El Tono, jerm IX, Know Hope, Ludo, Luzinterruptus, Rero, Skount and Various & Gould.

At 5:30am on March 30th, four stealth teams took to the streets for about an hour to replace advertisements with statements protesting the monopoly of advertising. The text-based posters replaced ads at Cemusa bus shelters in some of the most heavily populated locations around Madrid. Each contributor’s submission conveyed what they would like to see in public space, presenting a vision of what it could possibly be like. Within five hours all posters were removed, but most were photographed and can be viewed here.

jerm IX, a Vancouver based street artist, emcee, and poet who contributed the above poster shares his thoughts on the project:

“I have the utmost respect for the people that give their time and efforts to projects such as these. Hats off to Jordan and the teams in Madrid, thank you. The photo above was my submission, it is the chorus to the last song on my upcoming album. I was writing the song when i got the invite from Jordan, and saw an opportunity to share some of the positivity i was feeling at that moment in the advertising space.”


[via Wooster Collective and Rebel: Art]

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