Martin Nisenholtz of the New York times outlines the rationale behind the NY Times Paywall strategy.

The tension between content creators and the provision of content escalated somewhat with Martin Nisenholtz’s take on the best way to ensure quality content in the new ad ecosystem engendered by web 2.0.

The erection of paywalls for journalistic content is a lightning rod for debate surrounding this area, and the New York Times have attracted a degree of notoriety for being the first to stick their heads above the paywall parapet.

Nisenhotlz insists that the paywall is an essential first step to better managing the link economy of the Internet for the benefit of all publishers. The ‘web of managed links’ is Nisenhotltz’s vision, a movement where content publishers control how their content is shared so that they don’t simply boost the value of aggregators and new digital platforms. The paywall is part of that strategy for the NY Times:

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