Meanderware’s Off-Grid Aesthetic

Meanderware’s Off-Grid Aesthetic
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Archetypal nomadic drifter Moe Nadal's line of bags are created with materials he finds on the streets of New York City.

Stephen Fortune
  • 1 april 2011

Moe Nadal is an archetypal nomadic drifter who is currently balancing his restless instincts against the demanding urban metropolis of New York. He’s managed to channel this tension into his range carry-all bags crafted from found materials. His line of leather bags is called Meanderware, and in this video he speaks talks about his craft, travels, and the process of finding the scraps that he transforms into functional accessories.

Using mostly materials found on the streets and even waterways of New York, Nadal designs a line of ‘kerbside’ carry-all’s, each one handmade and unique in their own right.

Watch a video about the company below:


[via The Fader]

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