With fixed gear bikes now mainstream, new design variations are emerging inspired by how riders are using them.

During a visit to NYC’s Paragon Sports, a bike on display was catching the attention of a lot of shoppers, including us. The bright lime green painted frame and components seemed to glow which was hard to ignore. But the rather weird proportions of the bike’s design also had people taking a closer look.

The bike is made by Mixie which they describe as a ‘Mini F’Mixed Gear’. The unusual design comes from a pairing of a full size frame with 20″ wheels. The bike is part fixed-gear, part urban commuter and part BMX. The smaller sized wheels can handle the abuse of trick riding and also allow the bike to be stored in small spaces. Custom bike builders have experimented with this sort mixing of different bicycle types in the past, and the Mixie is the first example of this type of bike sold commercially.

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