Filmmaker plans on putting distribution into the hands of fans.

Jens Pulver | Driven, a new documentary by filmmaker Gregory Bayne about the life and struggle of UFC Fighter Jens Pulver, is set to test drive a new distribution model that lets anyone who wants to exhibit the work. Operating through a Kickstarter fund, anyone who contributes 300 dollars or more will get a temporary license to exhibit the film how and where they would like. Funders will also get a DVD of the film and a marketing kit and allowed to keep all profits from the event.

This is a more democratic model for distributing films that instead of marketing to a mass audience connects directly to fans who want to share it with others. It cultivates a relationship between the filmmaker and the fans by cutting out the middle man and turning the fans into the distributors. Screenings become actual events moderated by fans for the sake of spreading the word about the work. By also contributing money to the film to license a screening they are directly supporting it. Allowing fans to keep the profits incentives hosting large screenings that will attract audiences.

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