A supper club in Washington D.C. carefully picks attendees in order to inspire intellectual discourse.

Supper clubs in New York have often ambushed abandoned locations or occurred in private homes and usually happen in the form of pot lucks or swap clubs. And most are fairly egalitarian – invitation occurs by word of mouth via online promotions and everyone has the chance to purchase a ticket or provide a simple RSVP. Taking on a more exclusive format, The No. 68 Project is ‘a cultural dinner series’ with curated guests. Membership is unlocked when potential guests are asked to answer a series of questions including “what is your idea of earthly happiness?” If answers are attractive, then an email is sent with details to purchase the $155 ticket. This Sunday night dinner series places intellectual discourse at its core, with invited guests that include writers, authors, scientists, musicians, activists and artists who make up the cultural milieu. The brainchild of Jill Richmond and Hosan Lee, who consider the dinners as more aligned with theaters and museums than a restaurant, No. 68 is structured to explore good dinner conversation.

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