'Jungle Wilderness' ad features new spokesman for Danger Zone outside of the U.S.

Old Spice have hired a new spokesman to promote their ‘Danger Zone' sub-brand outside the U.S. The new Jungle Wilderness ad will air only in foreign markets, meaning current Old Spice regular Isaiah Mustafa will still be the spokesman for the company's products in America.

The ad features a well-dressed gent getting hit by a truck, bit by a crocodile, and eaten by piranhas as he treks through the danger zone. He emerges from a jungle pool to greet a beautiful woman, who, because of his intoxicating scent, doesn't seem to notice that below the waist he has no skin or flesh, just bones. The Mill‘s Los Angeles team created the VFX for the ad, which includes 2D trickery, high-end CG and animations.

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