Olek’s Crochet Obsession [Pics]

Olek’s Crochet Obsession [Pics]
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Polish crochet artist's intertwining of life and art goes to the next level.

Stephen Fortune
  • 21 april 2011

With knitting immersing itself in all manner of new media mash ups, one could be forgiven for neglecting its cousin crochet. Thankfully any encounter with Olek’s work would prevent that happening.

Polish artist Olek, who aggressively crochets her life into her work, has freely admitted to spending the night in her Knitting Is For Pussies exhibit, currently on show in the Christopher Henry Gallery.

Comparisons to those usually accustomed to sleeping in padded surroundings are perhaps a little unfair but also quite fitting given the mania which Olek channels into her work:

“Every day I have to come up with a new idea. Every day I have to produce something. A loop after a loop. Hour after hour my madness becomes crochet.”

But with all the essential conveniences present, such as a crocheted bath tub, crocheted toilet, a crocheted dildo and a bed crocheted with her boyfriend’s STD test results, but in extra comfortable form then who can blame her for spending the night?


[via Animal]

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