One For Me, One For You: New Bar Fosters Generosity

One For Me, One For You: New Bar Fosters Generosity

Raise money for a good cause while you raise your glass.

Dan Gould
  • 1 april 2011
Shebeen is an Australian pub which captialises upon the natural good naturedness that accompanies a pint (or two) by seizing the opportunity to make the donation process even less painful.
Simon Griffiths established Shebeen as a nonprofit bar that sells exotic beers and wines from the developing world. Profits from each drink sale support a development project in that drink’s country of origin.
For each bottle of beer or glass of wine sold, two dollars goes straight towards a development project in the drink’s country of origin. So try some St George’s Beer to jumpstart a microfinance scheme in Ethiopia
Alas this brilliant idea is not yet a reality, with Griffiths currently in the fund raising process of this very interesting project.
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