Pass The Bucket: Branded Storytelling Digs Deep [Video]

Pass The Bucket: Branded Storytelling Digs Deep [Video]

New Vans branded content series features life stories and outlooks that connect to on a deeper level with viewers.

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 20 april 2011

Extreme sports heroes Tony Alva and Stephen Murray have had a number of rough patches in their lives and are trying share their experiences to make a difference in other people’s lives moving forward.

Alva has struggled throughout life with finding himself, and has delved into drugs and alcohol. He now preaches to support poverty stricken and socioeconomically disadvantaged youth in the soul searching process.

Murray suffered a neck-down paralyzing injury and shows not only youth, but the world the strength, courage and struggles of pushing through during his day-to-day.

The short videos, directed by Eliot Rausch depict the epic ups and downs, and good and bad that even icons can be faced with throughout life. Sponsored by Vans, the series has the impact to resonate deeply and connect emotionally with those inside and out of the extreme sports scene.

Watch below:



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