Peecho Launches The ‘Print Button Of The Internet’

Peecho Launches The ‘Print Button Of The Internet’

The Amsterdam-based startup offers a simple way to monetize your digital content.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 april 2011

With Peecho, the ‘print button of the Internet’, you can turn digital documents into real products and monetize your content. The startup, based in Amsterdam, offers a ‘Print Button’ which can be embedded onto a website. When visitors click the button, Peecho’s interface opens and allows them to order a document in book or magazine format, created by a global network of professional printers and then delivered to their door.  Website owners can add an amount onto the base printing costs, enabling them to make money from the service.

Peecho are marketing their ‘Print Button’ as being as simple and effective as the Facebook ‘Like’. It’s early days at the moment, with only PDF documents currently supported. However, more formats will be added in the future, with users also becoming able to print on postcards, t-shirts, and more. Peecho also has an open API that allows developers to alter its functionality for their own apps and services.


[via TechCrunch]

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