Pop-Up Indie Book Shop Takes Over Dead Big Box Store

Pop-Up Indie Book Shop Takes Over Dead Big Box Store

A bookseller in Pittsburgh will install their own impromptu shop in a Borders doomed for closure.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 1 april 2011

The book business has been in the news a lot lately, with the cross-country closures of mega-stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble, and the oft-talked about eBook’s effect on the future of the publishing business. However, this week we heard of an indie bookstore that is taking a stand against what feels like the helpless decline of the this troubled industry. Fleeting Pages, a small bookseller, has declared they will be launching a pop-up shop in the now closing Borders in Pittsburgh beginning April 30th. In a further attempt to promote alternative book buying and selling ideas, Fleeting Pages is set to sell material by independent publishers as well as self-published books. They will also offer book-making workshops and readings to create a space for those like-minded book-buyers to discuss the challenges that are facing the industry.

Currently, the pop-up “squat” will only be residing within the walls of the Borders for a month — they may end up emerging somewhere else, but while they’re ensconced at Borders they’ll be taking ideas from the local artistic community for different kinds of events as a way to reconnect those who feel isolated from this faltering medium.

Fleeting Pages

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