On April 8, 2011, PSFK held its fifth annual conference celebrating new ideas. The audience spanned creatives across advertising, design, marketing and technology listening to various speakers, each emitting the inspiration curated each day on PSFK.com.

This is another installment in the series highlighting the panels and speakers at this year's PSFK Conference. The early afternoon panels focused on New York City in different forms – from the rebirth of legendary soccer club, to the power of urban industrial design, and the pursuit of a citizen-centric strategy that serves New Yorkers on their own terms.

The New York Cosmos: Doing It Our Way

Introduced with a video detailing the meteoric rise of the New York Cosmos soccer club in the 70s and early 80s, Daniel Cherry III, Chief Marketing Officer and Theresa Tran, Director of Communications shared how the relaunch would show the world how New York City does soccer. Envisioning the New York Cosmos as “the world's coolest club” the two speakers noted how the brand must reflect New York's “dream big and make it happen” message. With pearls of wisdom from Pelé, the club is equipping itself to trump its opponents with a genuine approach brimming with personality and executions that reflect the inhabitants of a diverse city, by premiering New York's Own World Cup. Cherry gave the following advice: “Always do more than you say. Many people market the marketing.”

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