PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: Allison Mooney

PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: Allison Mooney

The Head of Trends & Insights, Marketing at Google speaks about the intersection of technology and the real world.

Stephanie Pottinger
  • 5 april 2011

Allison Mooney will be one of the panelists at our upcoming PSFK CONFERENCE NY 2011. Allison is Head of Trends & Insights, Marketing at Google. She works to explore the changing face of media, technology, and consumer behavior, drive new thinking internally, and share Google’s insights with wider audiences. Previously, she was Vice President, Emerging Trends with MobileBehavior, an Omnicom mobile agency that became part of Tribal DDB. In 2010, she co-founded IRL Productions, an events company with a focus on social media and interactive experiences. Allison is a Contributing Writer at PSFK and has written for publications including Advertising Age, Adweek, and Details.

What is the most exciting challenge that you’re addressing right now?

Getting up to speed at Google. It’s a huge company, but things move at the pace of a start-up, so you just have to jump in and start swimming. I immediately want to know everything that’s going on, but it’s almost impossible–there are so many brilliant minds to tap, projects to learn about, data to uncover… I’m slowly getting my feet on the ground though.

Where do you find inspiration outside your industry?

This is something I need to remind myself to do, but I really think you bring so much more to the table when you pick your head up and look around. I do this in a few ways. One, I love going to the movies. The best ones depict a slice of life that I wouldn’t normally see. Second, I get the New York Times delivered every weekend (so analog, I know!). I like taking the time to skim through every section to see what catches my eye; it helps me escape my filters. Plus, there are just so many hours of the day I can look at a screen. Third, whenever I travel, I make sure to tour around the city on foot a bit. There’s no better way to learn about a place. Also, I’m on a Groupon kick lately. It prompts me to try random new things because I can’t resist a good deal.

What emerging trend, idea, or technology are you excited to see develop in digital technology?

The intersection of technology and the “real world”. I worked at a mobile agency before coming to Google, and it was incredibly exciting to see the rapid innovation in the space over the past few years. We used to say things like augmented reality, mobile payments, and the “internet of things” were coming down the road, and now they’re here–much faster than most people expected, I think. The trend is making web-based data much more applicable in our daily lives (i.e. what’s around me? how much does this cost elsewhere?). On the flip side, mobile also facilitates information capture, so a lot more–and richer–data sets are being brought online (where you go, who you meet, what you buy). This fuels a virtuous cycle: turning that data into useful information that helps us be more informed, make better decisions, and have more fun in our daily lives.

Thanks, Allison!

Allison will be speaking at PSFK CONFERENCE NY 2011. Come listen to like minds as they share their ideas to make things better on stage and off.

Find out more about the full lineup of speakers at the PSFK CONFERENCE NY 2011 here.

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