The co-founder of the Hybrid Reality Institute speaks about the US's lag in innovation and the rise of persuasive technology, in advance of this week's conference.

Ayesha Khanna will be one of the panelists at our upcoming PSFK CONFERENCE NY 2011. Ayesha co-founded the Hybrid Reality Institute where she explores the social and economic implications of advanced technologies in the Hybrid Age. In anticipation of the conference, we bring you a few thoughts from Ayesha:

What is the most exciting challenge that you’re addressing right now?

I’m currently working on creating a geospatial mapping of innovation clusters. People usually think of new technologies as very US-centric. However, while a number of leading edge inventions do occur within US borders, we are abysmally poor at commercializing our lab research. Thus, the US lags behind other nations when it comes to innovation–the stage where invention reaches and adds value to the lives of the masses. At the Hybrid Reality Institute, we connect the dots between technology and geopolitics to assess where innovation will occur and its ripple effects on other regions and industries.

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