The founder of Inhabitat talks about the challenges of green design and how collaborative consumption might turn the tide of environmental devastation.

Jill Fehrenbacher will be one of the panelists at our upcoming PSFK CONFERENCE NY 2011. She's the founder and editor-in-chief of, as well as a LEED accredited designer and green design consultant based in New York City. In anticipation of the conference, we bring you a few thoughts from Jill :

What is the most exciting challenge that you’re addressing right now?

I think that one of the biggest challenges we have always faced as a publication focused around ‘green' or ‘ethical' design is how to keep this important subject matter interesting and appealing to people without dumbing it down, or getting too superficial. Certainly the world calling green a ‘trend' back in 2006 / 2007 was useful to us at that time, but the flip side to that is that so many people have fatigue with the word ‘green' or ‘eco' now.

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