PSFK Salon LA Speaker Interview: J.C. Christofilis

PSFK Salon LA Speaker Interview: J.C. Christofilis

In anticipation of next week's PSFK SALON Los Angeles, the founder of DILEMMA offers his thoughts on transmedia.

Stephanie Pottinger
  • 22 april 2011

J.C. Christofilis will be one of the speakers at our upcoming PSFK SALON Los Angeles. J.C. is the founder of LA-based marketing agency DILEMMA, which specializes in branded entertainment initiatives utilizing multi-platform storytelling tactics. Prior to launching DILEMMA, J.C. spearheaded countless business development, marketing communications, content production, distribution, strategic planning, and branding initiatives for an eclectic roster of companies including Sony Pictures, Disney Consumer Products, iO Film, Mandalay Pictures and many more. J.C. has written, directed and produced numerous award winning media projects. His transmedia horror experience “Chopper” launches this Summer. In anticipation of the salon, we bring you a few thoughts from J.C.:

There are different ways to interpret the phrase ‘Transmedia Storytelling.’ What’s your favorite definition?  

I actually steer clear of any hard and fast definitions of transmedia. In fact, I recently wrote an article for Tubefilter expressing my desire to avoid the distraction of semantics and imploring fellow innovative creators to focus on storytelling. But the essence of “transmedia storytelling” as a concept is simply telling a great story across multiple platforms where any branching storylines and characters can exist independently. But ideally those same individual story components can be interwoven to create a fully realized story world that deeply enriches the audience experience when taken as a whole.

On the morning of April 28 at Soho House West Hollywood, you’ll be giving a short talk. What will the subject be?

I’ll be speaking about the prospect of transmedia content being able to generate a return on investment, both creatively and financially. Convincing the uninitiated about the effectiveness of such storytelling tactics is the number one challenge I face when pitching transmedia projects. I’d like to focus my talk around the belief that bold creativity generates business opportunity, spinning ROI as a Return on Innovation.

For anyone who wants to read up more on the subject, where would you suggest they start?

Many peers and past colleagues that I admire have created wonderful resources. A good place to start for an academic perspective and overall history of transmedia is to brush up on Henry Jenkins’s blog. Simon Pullman’s blog Transmythology introduces you to troves of transmedia thought leaders and overall trends. And our panel moderator Scott Walker recently launched a great resource exposing the creative minds forging the future of collaborative storytelling. Lastly, be sure to attend any conference that industry luminary Jeff Gomez is speaking at, he’s a very smart and creative innovator.

Thanks, J.C.!

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