A literal "truck stop" cafe and gallery space is taking the Rapha brand on the road.

Rapha, the luxury cycle apparel company, has given a new meaning to shop-on-the-go. The Rapha Mobile Cycle Club is a gallery, shop and cafe all in one. Housed in a converted 7.5 tonne truck, the mobile hub will drive around stopping at a new event each week, one being the Paris-Roubaix Challenge, as well as the two Etape du Tour sportives.

Designed by the UK firm Wilson Brothers, the truck has its own retractable awning under which metal benches and display cases that double as tables are placed at each stop. Inside each glass-topped tables are Rapha products, racing publications and various memorabilia. The cafe has a satellite-connected TV to watch the race on, while you sip your coffee, and the side of the truck is equipped with a series of metal rings on which the rotating gallery materials, and various ambiance-enhancing items are displayed.

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