Recycling Buildings: Rock Wang’s Handmade Brick Vases and Trays

Recycling Buildings: Rock Wang’s Handmade Brick Vases and Trays
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The popular Taiwanese artist explains the method and meaning behind his handmade creations.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 22 april 2011

Gracing this year’s Yii, the Triennale Design Museum’s show of Taiwanese designers and craftsmen, is Taiwanese designer Rock Wang. In the video below, Wang explains the philosophy behind his creations, ‘Brick Plan’ vases and trays handmade from chunks of brick extracted from demolished buildings in the Taiwanese countryside.

Core 77 reports:

… brick has become a traditional material in rural Taiwan, becoming a mainstay building technology since it was introduced to the country by the colonial Dutch. With this project, Rock tries to preserve not only the material, but also the feel of the old brick of his country home, polished to imitate the feeling of the walls worn smooth by decades of touch.



Core 77: “Salone Milan 2011 Video: Rock Wang’s Turned Brick Vases”


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