Travelers can check-in on Foursquare and Facebook to appear on a leaderboard, earn badges and receive rewards.

Virgin America is utilizing Foursquare and Facebook at its new terminal in the San Francisco International Airport to entertain travelers and reward frequent flying. A check-in leaderboard is on display in the terminal as well as on the airline’s ‘Terminal 2 Takeover’ Facebook page when you add the app. The five users who check-in the most using the two social media sites will appear on the board and the Virgin America Twitter feed is also streamed on the side.

The airline will keep track and award badges depending on how many times people have checked-in. 1-4 check-ins earns a “Ground Crew” badge, 5-10 earns a “Flight Crew” badge, 11-20 = “Navigator” badge, 21-50 = “Co-Pilot” and 50+ = “Captain”. There are also prizes up for grabs from the Virgin America crew, including t-shirts and flight vouchers.

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