Street Ad Visible Only When It Rains

Street Ad Visible Only When It Rains

Fresh Green Ads develops eco-friendly advertising solutions that use natural elements to convey a branded message.

Kyana Gordon
  • 25 april 2011

Traditional methods of advertising often utilize large quantities of paper, water and ink, negatively affecting the earth. Fresh Green Ads emphasizes eco-friendly brand communication by using only natural elements which have a minimal impact on the environment. Their portfolio features “RainCampaign,” as well as crop, sand, ice, water drop, and clean advertising. Conceived by the Amsterdam-based agency, MISTERWILSON, this sustainable method of displaying ad campaigns was used for the Sea Life Scheveningen, in the Netherlands. With most visitors spending the day at Sea Life on rainy days, the agency developed RainCampaign featuring a sidewalk octopus ad that only appears when wet with its tentacles cradling the words: “SEA LIFE laat je niet meer los” (SEA LIFE never lets you go). When the street dries, the octopus disappears. These clever, environmentally-friendly messages last up to eight weeks.

Fresh Green Ads

[via Neatorama]

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