The car maker is helping non-profit organizations do good by solving their transportation issues.

Are you a non-profit in the greater Los Angeles area and in need of a car? If so, then check out The People’s Fleet. The cause initiative created by SEW Creative for Ford Motor Company provides a fleet of four vehicles and an empowerment grant to help organizations achieve their philanthropic missions. Applications will be accepted until May 8th, with the goal being a platform for Ford to spread the word about groups doing good while helping them solve their transportation issues. Webisodes will feature the impact the nonprofits are making locally to encourage more community (both local and nation) support and awareness. No one has to petition friends to vote in order to receive a car. Simply apply and, if one is available, you’ll receive it. As a cause-marketing effort, this engagement allows for the brand to enhance pre-existing community efforts with a simple means of helping organizations accomplish their work. Ian Elliott of SEW Creative sums of the project:

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