Three Liveshop Adds A New Dimension To Online Customer Service [Video]

Three Liveshop Adds A New Dimension To Online Customer Service [Video]

Touchscreens and video chat augment the online shopping experience.

Stephen Fortune
  • 8 april 2011

Swedish cellphone company Three(3) have unveiled a new conceptual customer service interface that is unavoidably evocative of Minority Report.

“The salesperson can drag a product onto the screen, show its features such as different colors and monthly cost and then drag it into the shopping cart”

Time’s Techland reports that the development of this interface was prompted by the realisation that

“Enough people were visiting the existing online store, but not buying, to make Three think that perhaps budding customers would buy if they were offered a little help”

The device taps into the fact that much more of our communication with one another is relayed via body language and extra-verbal cues that simply the words we exchange with one another. This means that a much more comprehensive customer service and sales experience can be offered by 3’s Liveshop. Questions remain over how ergonomically friendly this interface is on the sales agents and what will happen when the Chat Roulette crowd hear word of it, but it nevertheless opens up a fascinating case study for how online sales might be maximised.

Time Techland: “Online Shopping Reinvented With Real Sales People And Slick Video Chat”


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