In Brief

Sweden's Festis challenges fans to 'Unbore Grandpa' with their live, webcam-based performances.

We were just introduced to ‘Unbore Grandpa‘, a fun site and campaign for Swedish drink ‘Festis’, in which visitors are challenged to rouse grandpa from his boredom. A live webcam features grandpa, and invites visitors to turn on their own webcams and do something – anything – to entertain grandpa. They that succeed are given – you guessed it – Festis.

The contest, which runs through the first of May, was developed by Swedish agency Åkestam Holst. The funniest moments of visitors performing for Grandpa will be archived and showcased on YouTube. Unbore Grandpa is also complemented by Unbore Anything, which is linked to Festis’ Twitter account and which promises that ‘Festis can and will unbore anything! Just tweet what you want to #unbore and we’re on it…’

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