Austrian designer duo aim to reinvent urban areas with innovative seating and lamps.

Undpartner designers Barbara Gollackner and Michael Walder have come up with an interesting idea to solve the lack of public seating in cities. Their creation is a simple and portable “wearable” chair that users can carry around and then hang from the nearest fence or traffic sign.

The designers described the idea and purpose of their creations:

Space is a rare commodity in cities, and so called “Public Space” have been increasingly privatised, “No Trespassing”. Public seating or rest areas are only created where consumption is offered. undpartner is tired of this. Tired and in the mood to sit down, right here, right now. undpartner is ready to reconquer public space: City residents are being given the opportunity to reconquer room for communication and create a spot for everyday living with “wear-it-yourself”-furniture.

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