Wallpaper Advertising Sets WeTransfer Apart From Other File Sharing Services

Wallpaper Advertising Sets WeTransfer Apart From Other File Sharing Services

Wetransfer integrates exclusive designs by young artists or lifestyle brands in the form of interactive wallpaper where users can easily transfer files in an aesthetic environment.

Kat Popiel
  • 5 april 2011

Wetransfer makes Yousendit and Sendspace look like wallflowers at the dance – integrating exclusive designs by young artists or lifestyle brands in the form of wallpaper, users can transfer files in an aesthetic environment that alerts them to new products or businesses. With 2.5 million users per month and up to 2 gigabytes of data transferred, WeTransfer soft launched in December 2009 and has since served 11 million people. Winner of ‘Best Web App’ at the 2011 Dutch Start Up Awards and Official honoree of Webby Awards for ‘Best Functional Design’, WeTransfer is quickly growing into an innovative service for the creative community.

PSFK talks to CMO and Founder, Nalden, via Skype in Amsterdam:

What started as business model on Nalden’s person blog in 2008 scaled into a business shifting from premium brands for a niche audience to specialty lifestyle brands for a mass audience. During the re-launch process of the blog, Nalden, along with Momkai, curated a blog interface opposite to traditional banner advertising, as Nalden explains:

“because they screw up the design of your website. I wanted to make the ad part of the design so by using the wallpaper/background space within my blog in a creative way – the better the creative visual, the more it’s downloaded.  That’s how I began making money on my blog, still niche though but I got brands like Vodafone, Nike, etc’.”

Nalden integrated a similar business model with an idea about a service that made sending big files easy.

Adopting a unique model of simplicity comparable to that of Dropbox, Yousendit or Sendspace are obvious competitors but for Nalden;

“The big win of Wetransfer is the simplicity that allows everyone to use it, even your parents.  But the more digital natives the more the demand for services like Dropbox so at one point you have to compete with them in the long run.  The big advantage of us is that we have had a working business model from the start.”

The average CTR is 3% up to 5% for the first three ads.  WeTransfer also allows brands and businesses to create ‘channels’ – branded spaces with a businesses’ own background and subdomain for a yearly subscription.

“People are becoming banner blind’, says Nalden; ‘It’s funny to see that people actually sit behind the computer while up/downloading and watch the ads.  We’re trying to add relevance, much like what Facebook is doing based on your data, we try to do based on style and interest.”

Nalden started a new project called Kuvva, adopting the proof of concept, providing ‘Wallpaper Advertising’ for everyone.  Other than improving the architecture of the service, Nalden aims to have Wetransfer included on Amazon Web Services, also working on a new version of WeTransfer, a move that is sure to herald more VC’s for investment.



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