When Art Is A Conscious Tool

When Art Is A Conscious Tool

Brazilian environmental institute uses traditional crafts to raise awareness of drinking water scarcity.

Mauricio Soares
  • 8 april 2011


Sometimes, the best way to get people to understand a problem that’s distant from their own reality is to make it tangible for them. That is exactly what IAR (a Brazilian environmental institute) did with this new campaign, created by AGE Isobar.

According to environmental reports from the United Nations, one in five people in the world will not have access to clean drinking water in the future. Judging by how this valuable resource is still being wasted and contaminated all over the world, most of us did not realize how severe this issue is. Maybe it is because us, urban dwellers, did not face the direct consequences of this process – yet.

In an effort to materialize this concept, they invited an artisan from a community in the northeast of Brazil, a region that’s deeply affected by water scarcity, to recreate bottles from famous natural mineral water brands – but using sand instead of water to fill those bottles. There’s a video that illustrates how the pieces were produced.

Sand Bottle creation

The result is not only beautiful, but reminds us, in a very sensitive way, that mankind may be without proper water supply in the future, not to mention all the other living beings with whom we share this planet. Art is a subtle way to speak to people’s emotions, a conscious tool to reach their subconscious.

The sand bottles were sent to a number of executives at several companies, and they were also placed on the shelves of various supermarkets in São Paulo.


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