Wind Power From Trains

Wind Power From Trains
Design & Architecture

The T-Box system harnesses wind energy from the existing motion of passing trains.

Lisa Baldini
  • 13 april 2011

Wind Energy has been tricky to promote with many communities complaining about the aesthetics of windmills. As we look for better ways to gather such power, T-Box may have come up with an inventive way to harness wind energy with the T-Box. Designed by Ale Leonetti Luparinia and Qian Jiang the generators are cleverly hidden between rail tracks:

A passing train traveling at 200 kph would produce a wind speed equivalent to 15 m/sec. The T-Box would be able to catch this wind and produce about 3,500 W of power. If the train was 200m long, going at a speed of 300 kph and travelled 1km in 18 seconds, the T-Boxes would be able to produce about 2.6 KWh. This energy could then be utilized to power remote areas that don’t have electricity or rail sub-systems.


Inhabitat: “T-Box Harnesses Wind Energy from Speeding Trains”

image by Lawrence Whittemore

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