3D Printing Lets You Touch The Statistics [Video]

3D Printing Lets You Touch The Statistics [Video]

3D printing affords interesting insight into the ergonomics of a ubiquitous device.

Stephen Fortune
  • 27 may 2011

3D printing is ushering many exciting trends into reality but one of the more engaging applications of the technology has to be in creating data sculptures which make statistics palpable. We marvelled at Mitchell Whitelaw’s subtle coffee cup weather sculpture and now ITP’s Michael Knuepfel has created a 3D printed sculpture which visualises the frequency with which keyboard buttons are pressed.

Between this project and visualizing your voice as a tabletop vase 3D printing could provide engaging household adornments that are truly reflective of your lived reality.

Watch a demo below:
Keyboard Frequency Sculpture from Michael Knuepfel on Vimeo.



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